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Does your dentist use Intraoral Cameras?

October 15, 2014

working dWhen you think of going to the dentist, one image you might imagine is the dental x-ray. X-rays allow dentists to find cavities, check the health of a tooth’s root and the bone surrounding the tooth, check on developing teeth and monitor the health of your teeth and jawbone. However, when your dentist detects a problem such as a cavity, or other tooth decay, it’s hard to relate that issue clearly to the patient using just the x-ray image. What appears to be a tiny dark blemish in an x-ray image might de-emphasize the magnitude of a particular dental problem. If your dentist doesn’t use the latest technology to diagnose your symptoms, it’s time to make an appointment with Dr. Banda. The experienced dentists of Cranbrook Dental Care use intraoral cameras to diagnose and treat the patients of Cranbrook Dental Care. Call Dr. Banda today to set up your next appointment. Cranbrook Dental Care proudly serves families throughout metro Detroit including, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Royal Oaks and Birmingham.

The Benefits of Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are small camera devices, no larger than a dental mirror, with a disposable cover and an attached LED light, that can take both digital still photos and video of the inside of your mouth. These images can be shown on a video monitor inside the treatment room during your visit. If the dentist does detect an issue inside your mouth, they can show you the affected area with an image that can be magnified up to 40 times on a video monitor. As a diagnostic tool, the intraoral camera can be used to find and document dental problems from every angle and in between your teeth. You can see issues involving discoloration of the gums, gum disease, cracked teeth and broken fillings, plaque deposits and cavities next to fillings.

Treatment Using Intraoral Cameras in Metro Detroit

The use of the intraoral camera is beneficial for both you and your dentist. As an educational tool, you become a part of the examination process and can be better informed about your treatment options. Your dentist can keep better documentation for your future care with a tool that gives them better visibility during treatment and image power that rivals a microscope. Most importantly, intraoral cameras aid in the early detection of dental problems. Contact Dr. Banda and the qualified dentists at Cranbrook Dental Care today to set up your next appointment. Cranbrook Dental Care proudly serves patients throughout metro Detroit including, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Royal Oaks and Birmingham.

Calm Your Fears with Sedation Dentistry

August 15, 2014

478126661Something that many people have in common is a fear. Whether it is a fear of snakes or flying, may people live with so many different fears, and it may affect the way they live their daily lives. For some the fear may be slight, but for others, it can be crippling. A fear that many people have in common is a fear of the dentist. Because of this fear, people may delay the much needed dental work they need performed, causing them to live their lives with a deteriorating mouth. Though you may feel as though there is nothing you can do to get over your fear, Dr. Banda is able to help. By offering sedation dentistry at his Bloomfield Hills, MI dental office, he is able to calm the fears of his patients with ease.

Aside from our patients who have a fear of the dentist, sedation dentistry is also able to help those who suffer from TMJ and people who find it difficult to keep their mouths open for extended periods of time. One form of sedation we offer our patients is IV sedation. With this, we will sit down and talk to you, evaluating your anxiety level. This is a very personalized form of sedation, allowing us to administer just the right amount to ensure your absolute comfort. You will receive the sedation intravenously, and you will feel extreme relaxation and absolutely no pain during your dental work. Our doctors will be able to perform your dental work with ease while you sit and rest.

The other form of sedation we offer is oral conscious sedation. This involves taking a prescribed pill or drinking a liquid medication before your appointment. Again, you will be able to unwind while your dental work is being performed, and you will not feel any pain. With both forms of sedation, your vital signs, such as your breathing and heart rate, will be monitored, making sure everything is going smoothly. Another important thing to remember is that you will need a trusted loved one to bring you home after your dental appointment, as the effects of the sedation will still be in your system. If you would like to know more about sedation dentistry and how Dr. Banda can help, contact our office today!

Do you have questions about these services, or do you need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Banda or Dr. Steven Hane? Call us today! We are able to take care of all of your general, cosmetic, restorative, and sedation dentistry needs. We are proud to serve patients from across the Bloomfield Hills, MI area, including Royal Oak, Clarkston, Troy, and Birmingham. We look forward to treating you and giving you a beautiful, healthy smile!

Protect Yourself from the Hidden Dangers of Periodontal Disease with Dr. Banda

January 29, 2014

When you think about periodontal disease, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps the thought of gum disease evokes images of receding gums or bleeding when you brush your teeth, or even eventual tooth loss if the condition progresses. Did you know, though, that untreated periodontal disease can actually affect your health in other ways? At Cranbrook Dental Care in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Dr. David Banda and his team provide comprehensive periodontal therapy to patients with gum disease to stop the condition in its tracks.

Periodontal Disease: The Systemic Link

In addition to contributing to major oral health problems, periodontal disease has been linked to a number of other, potentially more serious, complications. When the bacteria that accumulates in your mouth as a result of gum disease leaches into the blood stream, it can spread to organs and tissues throughout the body. Though research continues to delve into this systemic connection, the following have already been found to be consequences of untreated periodontal disease:

  • Increased risk of coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Preterm birth and low birth weight infants
  • High blood pressure
  • Higher risk of pancreatic cancer
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

For the majority of patients, prompt periodontal therapy can substantially reduce the risk of developing these and other serious health problems.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

If you’ve noticed the common symptoms of periodontal disease – bleeding gums, sensitivity, gum recession or chronic bad breath – it’s important that you address the problem before it becomes worse. Contact our office in Bloomfield Hills, MI today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Banda. We also gladly serve patients in Clarkston, Troy, Birmingham, Royal Oak and surrounding communities within the entire Detroit area. We look forward to helping you achieve optimal oral health and overall wellness!


Two Options for Sedation Dentistry

November 27, 2013

Many patients struggle with dental anxiety. As a real and common problem, dental anxiety can keep patients from seeing Dr. Banda for regular care, but also for more important general or restorative care. It doesn’t have to, though. Using one of two effective sedation dentistry options, our dental team at Cranbrook Dental Care can help patients with dental anxiety overcome feelings of nervousness and finally receive the help they need.

Dr. Banda’s sedation dentistry options include:

  • IV Sedation
  • Oral Conscious Sedation

Both options are good for patients with mild to moderate anxiety, while IV sedation can also help patients with a more severe form. What’s more, sedation dentistry makes it possible to complete more care in fewer visits. Just cutting down the number of appointment necessary for care can make a patient feel more relaxed and less anxious.

How can you know which method of sedation is right for you? Dr. Banda can help. During a consultation with us, we can talk to you about how much anxiety you feel. We’ll also consider what kind of service(s) you need. Then, once we have all the information we need, we can recommend a personalized solution.

IV sedation introduces a sedative into the body intravenously. As we administer care, we’ll closely monitor your blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate to ensure your safety.

Oral conscious sedation works using a commonly prescribed medication. You’ll simply take a pill or drink a liquid form before your appointment and wait for it to take effect. As with IV sedation, we’ll monitor your vital signs to ensure your safety. In both cases, patients will need to have a friend or family member drive them home afterward, as it can take several hours for the effects of sedation dentistry to fully wear off.

Do you want to learn more about sedation dentistry? Call Cranbrook Dental Care today schedule an appointment with Dr. Banda. He serves patients from BloomfieldBloomfield HillsTroyBirmingham, and beyond.

Invisalign Gives Patients a Second Chance at a Straighter Smile

October 31, 2013

For teens and adults who want straighter teeth without having to wear conventional braces, Dr. David Banda of Cranbrook Dental Care offers Invisalign clear braces. With Invisalign, our Bloomfield patients can have the straighter, more beautiful teeth they’ve dreamed of, but without the issues that patients with regular braces can face. That’s because Invisalign uses clear aligner trays instead of metal brackets and wires.

Every patient seeking treatment with Invisalign will receive a special treatment kit with all the aligners they’ll need to achieve results. As treatment progresses, all patients have to do is wear the appropriate set of aligners for about two weeks before moving on to the next. There’s nothing to tighten, and those around you may not even notice that you’re wearing braces.

But clear aligners aren’t the only benefit of Invisalign. The trays can also be taken out for eating, brushing, flossing, and more. That means that Dr. Banda’s Invisalign patients can enjoy the same kind of diet they always have. It also makes brushing and flossing easier. What’s more, when the brackets and wires of regular braces aren’t there, patients can actually keep their teeth cleaner, benefitting their oral health now and in the future.

But Invisalign isn’t the best option for every patient. Do you have questions about Invisalign? Talk to Dr. Banda of Bloomfield, MI. During a consultation at Cranbrook Dental Care, we can assess your needs and made a personalized recommendation.

We serve patients from Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Birmingham, and beyond.

Become a Candidate for Dental Implants with a Sinus Lift

October 4, 2013

For patients who need to replace one or more teeth, bone loss can be an impediment to care. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. At Cranbrook Dental Care, Dr. David Banda can help patients who are otherwise not candidates for dental implants through a procedure called a sinus lift. With a sinus lift, a patient who doesn’t have enough bone density to support one or more dental implants can come away from a visit to our Bloomfield Hills dental office with enough bone to support implants after a resting period.

Why do patients lose bone over time? There are at least two big reasons. One of those is gum disease. As one of the most common oral health conditions a patient can face, gum disease is responsible for tissue loss, bone loss, and tooth loss.

Bone loss will also occur when a tooth has been lost. Tooth roots serve an important function—they stimulate the growth of new bone tissue. When one or more roots go missing, there’s nothing there to promote the growth of fresh bone tissue. As a result, bone is lost, putting nearby teeth at risk too.

With a sinus lift from Dr. Banda’s office, patients who were not previously a candidate for dental implants can now get the important care they need. Do you want to know if dental implants or a sinus lift is right for you? Call Cranbrook Dental Care today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Banda.

We serve patients from Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Birmingham, MI.

Two Teeth Whitening Options for Bloomfield Hills

August 29, 2013

A whiter smile can change the way you feel about yourself and the way others perceive you. That’s why teeth whitening is among the most sought-after cosmetic dentistry services today. With the brighter smile that teeth whitening can provide, patients could see changes in their self-esteem, as well as in their social, romantic, and business relationships.

Two Effective Teeth Whitening Options

At Cranbrook Dental Care in Bloomfield Hills, Dr. Banda offers two popular teeth whitening methods. One is known as in-office teeth whitening, and it’s the faster of the two. With in-office teeth whitening, patients can achieve a dramatically whiter smile after just one appointment with our Bloomfield Hills dental team. How much whiter? In some cases as much as 6 to 10 shades.

But as effective as in-office teeth whitening is, it’s not for everyone. In particular, patients who struggle with teeth sensitivity may want to seek out an alternative. That’s why Dr. Banda also offers at-home teeth whitening. This approach takes longer—anywhere from one to two weeks—but yields results that look just as dazzling as what in-office whitening can achieve.

Are You Ready for a More Dazzling Smile?

Do you want to learn more about teeth whitening with Dr. Banda? Call Cranbrook Dental Care today to reserve an appointment with us. We’re happy to provide excellent cosmetic care to patients from Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, Clarkston, Troy, Birmingham, and all surrounding areas.


Become a Candidate for Dental Implants with Bone Grafting

July 31, 2013

For some patients, dental implants are the perfect restorative option. Not every patient is automatically right for a procedure that involves dental implants, though. To support dental implants, you need to have enough bone density.

Patients who have had missing teeth for years, or who have had conventional braces for years, may find that they need help with bone grafting before they can seriously be considered for dental implants. That’s because, over time and in the absence of one or more tooth roots, bone loss will occur. What a bone graft is designed to do is restore lost tissue so that a patient who wants dental implants can become a candidate for them.

Dr. David Banda has years of experience providing all phases of dental care, including surgical. That means that, when you come to Cranbrook Dental Care to learn more about bone grafting, you’ll find a knowledgeable, experienced doctor eager to help you. With a thorough exam, he can help you determine if implants are right for you and if bone grafting would help. The treatment plan Dr. Banda creates will be completely customized to fit your needs.

Do you want to learn more about bone grafting and dental implants? Call Cranbrook Dental Care today with your questions or to schedule an appointment. Dr. Banda and his team are proud to offer all phases of dental implant care to patients of Bloomfield, Bloomfield HillsTroy, Birmingham, Clarkston, Royal Oak, and the entire metropolitan Detroit area.

Anxiety-Free Dental Care with Sedation Dentistry

April 25, 2013

What, you might wonder, is the greatest benefit of a service like sedation dentistry? That it lets you get the important dental care you need without feeling any of the anxiety you commonly feel. Every year, many patients avoid care because of legitimate feelings of anxiety.  Sometimes that anxiety is rooted in past experience and sometimes it has to do with other conditions, like a neuromuscular condition. Whatever your particular reason might be, Dr. David Banda of Cranbrook Dental Care can help with IV sedation and oral conscious sedation.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Oral conscious and IV sedation are two of the most common and effective sedation dentistry options used by patients. What’s more, they work with a wide variety of anxiety levels, from mild all the way up to severe. After talking with you about the anxiety you typically feel at his Bloomfield Hills office, Dr. Banda will recommend a way forward.

Oral conscious sedation uses a commonly prescribed medication to help patients erase feelings of fear. IV sedation is administered through a tube and is often best for oral surgery or for time-consuming procedures, allowing you to get more work done in fewer visits. But regardless of which option you choose, you’ll need a friend or family member with you to drive you home afterwards. By the next day you’ll be ready to return to your normal activities.

Have you put off care because of anxiety? Call Cranbrook Dental Care to reserve a consultation appointment. During an appointment with our Bloomfield Hills team, we can talk to you about sedation dentistry and your treatment options and devise a plan that helps you meet your needs. We serve patients from Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Birmingham, and all surrounding areas.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services for Bloomfield and Beyond

February 26, 2013

How confident you feel about the appearance of your smile will determine how comfortable you feel sharing your smile with others. At Cranbrook Dental Care in Bloomfield, you’ll find some of today’s most sought-after cosmetic dentistry services to help you improve the appearance of your smile.

Our services include:

With these services, we can provide our patients from Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, and Birmingham with great, personalized care that effectively meets common cosmetic dentistry needs.

During a consultation exam with Dr. David Banda, we can help you understand your needs and recommend the cosmetic dentistry service (or services) that are a match for your situation. Our services offer Bloomfield patients greater convenience than other cosmetic methods. That’s because our goal is to help you achieve the dazzling, confident smile you want in the fewest number of visits possible.

Once Dr. Banda has paired you with the service(s) most right for you, we can begin putting your treatment plan together. A service like in-office teeth whitening can be administered in just one appointment while Invisalign can take a few months. Once we have a treatment plan put together for you, we can outline the treatment process and help you identify how many appointments you’ll need.

Are you ready to give your smile the makeover it deserves? Call Cranbrook Dental Care in Bloomfield to reserve your consultation. We serve patients from Troy, Birmingham, Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, and beyond.

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