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Best Time in History to See The Dentist

September 15, 2014

178418514Many Americans have fears associated with going to the dentist to some degree. Some of those fears are caused by bad experiences from our childhoods, hearing about the bad experiences of others, or perhaps just a dislike of the idea of dental work in general.

But when it comes to the health of your teeth and the availability of quality dental care, there is no better time than the present to visit Dr. Banda at Cranbrook Dental Care in metro Detroit, MI. Ever wonder what people did to treat tooth pain and decay before the advancements in modern dentistry we enjoy today?

Interesting Facts about Dental History

The origins of modern dentistry can be traced all the way back to the Romans and Egyptians. However, the causes of both tooth pain and decay were not known back then. Nor was the importance of oral hygiene and maintenance. Without this basic understanding, the ancients attributed dental problems to demons and evil spirits. Many even believed that holes in teeth were caused by tooth worms.

Our ancestors were just as creative in seeking remedies to tooth problems, including using arsenic and fumigants. The Romans were fond of using urine (for the ammonia) to clean their teeth, while the Egyptians used opium to treat pain. There were also advocates for using wine and vinegar as mouthwash, or brushing your teeth using the twig of a fig tree and a honey and oil paste.

While there is evidence of crude dental tools as early as 7000 B.C, the first record of modern dental procedures didn’t emerge until the middle ages. Some books from this period have written instructions on tooth extraction. Back then, dental procedures were performed by barbers. The same barbers that shaved beards and trimmed hair would also perform surgical procedures such as bleeding, cupping, leeching, and extracting teeth.

Modern Dentistry

It wasn’t until the early 18th century that modern dentistry began to take shape. In 1723 Pierre Fauchard, a French surgeon, published The Surgeon Dentist, A Treatise on Teeth. In the 1800’s the first dental chair, porcelain teeth, orthodontics, ether anesthesia and dental college emerged.

In 1938, the modern toothbrush was invented. In 1950, fluoride toothpaste came to market. The 1980’s brought about the use of dental implants and home teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry has only become popular in the last 20 years.

A brief look into our history will show that we are very lucky to be living in the modern era of dentistry. Unlike our forefathers, we have immediate access to hygienic, pain free dental care. You can rest assured that this is the best time, in history, to see your dentist and be proactive about your overall oral health. Take advantage of this access and contact Dr. Banda at Cranbrook Dental Care today to set up your next appointment. We serve everyone throughout metro Detroit including, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Royal Oaks and Birmingham.

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