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Treating Bruxism with Customized Nightguards

June 19, 2014

bruxismIf you’ve never heard of bruxism, your immediate question might be, “What is bruxism?” In today’s post, we want to talk about what exactly this condition is, what causes it, and how Dr. Banda of Cranbrook Dental Care can help you treat it.

What Is Bruxism and What Causes It?

To put it simply, bruxism is a term that describes a recurring and unconscious struggle with teeth grinding. For many patients with bruxism, it’s caused by stress. What’s more, patients have the most trouble with it while sleeping, when it’s impossible to consciously stop grinding.

Symptoms of bruxism include headaches, earaches, and jaw pain. Other causes of bruxism, besides stress, include misaligned teeth, or a poor posture, poor diet, or poor sleep habits. Patients with bruxism may also display other kinds of biting habits. They may bite their fingernails, for instance, or they might bite the ends of pencils, their lips, or the insides of their cheeks. The condition affects roughly one-third of the population, and it’s more prevalent in women than men.

Over time, the constant pressure and motion associated with bruxism can seriously damage teeth. Bruxism can also contribute to TMJ dysfunction, which has many symptoms in common.

Customized Care for Teeth Grinding

Thankfully, treatment for teeth grinding is possible with a custom-made nightguard from Dr. Banda’s Bloomfield Hills dental office. During a consultation, we’ll evaluate your teeth, tissues, and muscles. Once we know what your needs are, Dr. Banda can help you understand how a nightguard will help you. We can also talk to you about other treatment techniques.

Do need help treating bruxism? Call Cranbrook Dental Care today for an appointment with Dr. Banda. We serve patients from Clarkston, Troy, Royal Oak, Birmingham, and the entire metropolitan Detroit area.

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